By Saida Abdalla Khamis

There are many definitions of what an educated girl means. From my point of view I would like to say that if you educate a girl-child that means that you also produce a great change to the next generation towards well educated people full of virtues, free from useless superstitions, confident and capable to do something good for the family, for the society and for the country as a whole. I know the present day girl is the mother of tomorrow. So: give the mothers and I will give you a great nation.

Also educating female children is very essential because girls have more confidence and the spirit to do work rather than men; so when a girl is educated she can bring gradual change in our societies in terms of economic, political and social changes due to their confidence and spirit of working; on this we have many examples here in Zanzibar.

We want to create a well mannered society because we see in these days many of our  uneducated girls or women are commercial sex workers; so by educating them they will no longer sell their bodies and other illegal businesses such as  drug trafficking which has now become a large problem to our current world. That’s why a girl must be given all necessary chances of education.

Also education to girls is important because it makes the society free from useless superstition as we all know that many girls or women do believe much in superstition or being bewitched. So, educating girls makes the society free from useless superstition. Moreover, educated girls lead to the eradication of illiterate societies because when a girl is educated she can also educate others including her children and others in her surroundings.

Also educating a girl accelerates the development of our world because girls have more chances to work in different sectors and because girls fit in every position of our economy; that’s why we must not deny any girl the chance of getting education because she is the most crucial and reverend entity.

Also educating a girl child leads to transparency both in the society and in the family as we all know that women cannot keep quiet when they see things are not perfectly on the track; so, educating girls brings transparency, especially on our current government which is in power as we see most of things are not on the right track.

Furthermore, an educated girl has confidence and self worth which encourages her to do some things which some people have never tried to do, and in becoming successful she will bring changes to our current society. As an educated girl can be trusted everywhere she goes, she can achieve different chances of making a good life.

Educated girls bring also happiness and harmony to families because they don’t quarrel to their husbands and children in the family; in a happy family children will have best grades in school because their mothers help them out in their studies as we all know most fathers don’t spend much time with their families due to their own reasons; so when a mother is educated her children will not lack much due to absence of their fathers.

Educated girls can make the whole society educated as we know girls are full of mercy. When they get a chance of education they will also educate their fellow society members and make the whole society educated. Development cannot be accelerated unless girls are given the right education in the right direction. Wanawake tunaweza (yes women, we can)!