1. For Kenya see Newsletter 16. Two of the graduated students in Kenya receive a scholarship in the size of 700 Euro: Jane Atieno Ogutu who studies sociology, anthropology and IT at Masemo-University, and Doreen Kageni who intends to get a diploma in accounting at Embu-College. „I will be the best accountant in Kenya“, she tells in great confidence.

2. Busara disrupted her employment at Halma Shauri (village Kitongani) for taking up again her studies to get a Bachelor degree in agricultural science.

3. Fatma is still employed in the lab at the hospital in Jambiani (see Newsletters 13 and 14) and is now proud mother of a daughter.

4. Sharifa (see profile), who studies medicine, passed a further intermediate examination as best of 27 students last autumn; furthermore, she received the second price in an essay competition
on the topic of anti-corruption

5. Saida and Zaituni (see profiles) got graduated at IPA in February 2019.

6. We finished the support of the two scholars Mariam and Samira because they didn’t qualify for the intended study places.

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