1. For Kenya see Newsletters 13 and 14.

2. Busara got a regular employment at Halma Shauri (village Kitongani) where she is advising farmers in questions of modern agriculture.

3. Fatma is now regularly employed in the lab at the hospital in Jambiani (see Newsletters 13 and 14).

4. Sharifa (see profile), who studies medicine, passed an intermediate examination as second best of 27 students in March 2018.

5. Saida and Zaituni (see profiles) finished successfully their studies.

6. Two new scholars have been selected: Mariam and Samira (see profiles); they intend to start their studies in October 2018, and they prepare themselves by repeating Form 4 examination to improve their knowledge in some key subjects for their studies.

7. The Newsletter 14 reports about the results of the pilot project (NGAO) in detail. Currently we check the possibility to establish the infrastructure for E-learning at Jambiani Community Academy.

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