1. For Kenya see Newsletter 13.

2. Busara has completed her studies at Kizimbani Agricultural Training Institute (KATI) in September 2016; she received a Diploma in General Agriculture Studies, specialized in Crop Production, with very good results. On March 2017, she got her first job interview. After some other interview rounds, she succeeded among many other applicants to get an offer at the Southern District Council office where she will start in May 2017.

3. Makame, who cooks in one of the best hotels at the East coast of Zanzibar (“Sea View”), got promoted to a chief cook.

4. Sharifa (see profile) has been selected to study for a Degree in Doctor of Medicine. She is now in a probation period of 3 months, and on July 2017, she is going to start her first formal Semester.

5. Managers and teachers at Jambiani Community Learning Centre (Zanzibar), which we established in 2015, decided to organise their teaching in form of half-boarding. This allows their 24 students to better concentrate and exchange their knowledge as they entered the deciding final phase to prepare for the national examination of Form 4 (September 2017) (see Newsletter 13).

6. Barbara’s book translation into German “Die Blume des Trostes” (‚Flower of Consolation‘) of William K. Mkufya has been published at her own publishing company and can be ordered in the internet ( Currently she prepares a lecture series of the writer in Germany.

7. Saida (see her Profile on Scholars Voice) has written a stimulating and provocative essay on “The Educated Zanzibar Girl”. You find her variation of well-known reflections on the importance of education to girls in the new column “Discussion” of Scholars Voice. We hope that Saida gets many responses from other scholars or friends of CDF.

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