Vocational Training

As in many developing countries, institutions for vocational training are rare in East-Africa. Furthermore, basic and middle level vocational training is often not valued high although there is urgent need for skilled workers at this level. In addition, girls and young women are often excluded from vocational training since their career is predetermined for early family formation or support for the primary family. That is why we see vocational training in particular for girls and young women as an outstanding objective for our foundation. 

Currently, we support three young women in Zanzibar with scholarships for three years full-time vocational training in Colleges of Zanzibar with high reputation, each with 1,100 Euro per year (see the profiles of the current scholars in Scholars Voice). These schools ask for high fees, which have to be complemented by resources financing costs for accommodation, examinations and textbooks. The scholars are selected by an NGO-manager (who is also in charge for and advising) together with representatives of Jambiani village. All scholars commit themselves to work in this community after their graduation or to contribute to the community in one way or the other. We intend to expand this kind of scholarships to other young women and, if necessary, to young men. Two scholars have already finished their Diploma (see Actual).