My name is Rayusa Amour Nemshi. I was born on 3rd May 1991, my father’s name is Amour Nemshi and my mother’s name is Amina Hassan. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.

I was studying Diploma in Human Resource Management at the Institute of Public Administration from September 2011 to September 2014. I was struggling in accounting, basic mathematics and statistics. Also I had a problem of books although I had book allowance; but the demand was big and we had only few books on our school library especially in Accounting and Mathematics. Principal of the Institute is Mrs. Harusi Macheko Ali, and the Course Coordinator was Mr. Abdalla Mussa.  

I did not get the employment yet. The reason is that the government and the college provide employment offers by phase; now it is time for Record Management, ICT and Procurement and Supply. I hope the next Phase is the time for Human Resource Management. According to my results I have big hope that I will be offered a job.

Now, I am very happy, and many thanks go to CDF and its promoters (Barbara, Günther and Mr. Vuai). Deep thanks are also addressed to my family which has done a lot to me. I am also proud of my faculty for providing me with the skills required for founding a small business. Currently, I am a small entrepreneur travelling to Dar es Salaam, buying clothes for children and selling them in Zanzibar. So, even if the hopes of a regular employment at some government institution should fail, I will be happy having the opportunity of running a small business. I would like CDF to continue with this project to support other young women because they will improve their life as they did to me. Moreover, the computer I received is a valuable daily tool for me for which I want to express my special gratitude.