The Foundation’s Objectives

The Child Development Fund (CDF) supports children’s development, in particular of girls, through

•    scholarships up to the final qualification of secondary schools;

•    scholarships for vocational training or higher education to built up
      the requirement for a self-sustaining income generation through
      business start-ups or gainful employment;

•    if necessary, improvement of schooling infrastructure in rural or
     disadvantaged city-areas (e.g. for libraries, computers, sanitary

•    if necessary, indirect support to microfinance groups (Voluntary
     Savings & Loan) through scholarships to children they are caring
     for (e.g. grandmothers caring for HIV related orphans or
     vulnerable children).

CDF currently concentrates on projects in East-Africa (especially Kenya and Tanzania) and works under the umbrella of ChildFund Stiftung in Germany.