My name is Mariam Jaku Khatib. I was born in 27/07/1999 as the daughter of Bughani Abdalla my mother and Jaku Khatib my father. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters, and I grew up in Jambiani at the East Coast of Zanzibar Island.

With the support of Child Development Fund (CDF) I am studying Diploma in Animal Health and Production at Kizimbani Agricultural Training Institute (KATI). I am in the first semester, and I expect to finish my studies in 2021.

My favourite topics in secondary school were English and Biology. I am struggling to improve my knowledge in Mathematics and Chemistry.

After successfully finishing my studies I want to work as Animal Health officer in the District level. I hope my work will benefit Zanzibar community.

Apart from my profession, I have the following interests in reading old fairy tale books and Newspaper. My role model is bongo flavour artist called Ali Kiba and President of Zanzibar together with the retired president of USA Obama. Why Ali Kiba? Because he is singing songs with very good messages to the community. Regarding the President of Zanzibar, I like his speeches in which he always defends the children, especially girls. For Obama, I was impressed by one of his speeches announced at UN concerns related to girls with education.

Free comment:

Children learn from lots of different people. Fathers, mothers, teachers, grandparents and other children all help children understand the world and develop into adults. If a teacher is not skilled you do not respect them and may not send your child to their school. Mothers are teachers too: Sons and girl children spend lots of time with their mothers; they run to their mothers and ask them many questions. If mothers are not educated they are not able to teach their children fully. It is well known that boys and girls with schooled mothers are more likely to start school and stay there.