My name is Samira Omar Saleh. I was born in 02nd November, 1998, as the daughter of Omari Saleh father and Riziki Abdalla mother. I don’t have any brother but I have 2 young sisters, I grew up at Jambiani in East Coast of Zanzibar Island.

With the support of Child Development Fund (CDF) I am studying Diploma in Secondary Education with Chemistry and Physics at the Abdulrahman Al-Sumait Memorial University in Zanzibar. I am in the first semester, and I expect to finish my studies in 2021. When I was in Secondary School my favourite subject was English, Physics and Chemistry but I was struggling to improve my knowledge in Mathematics and Biology.

After successfully finishing my studies I want to work as a Secondary School Science teacher in Jambiani Secondary School or in the neighbour school with Jambiani village so that I will be able to help my Jambiani Village Community. It is my great wish that my work will benefit the whole community of Jambiani and Zanzibar nation at large.

Apart from my profession, I am interested in watching movies and reading newspapers. My role model is Mr Othman Maalim. He is a person that inspires me due to his good religious motivation especially on education issue. He always motivates children to search education anywhere around the world as the world changes now so children have to fight to get the education.

Thank you CDF for you great effort to educate the girls. I know your vision is very good and great for the future life: Educating girls in the community creates a great source of having better wives. On this they will be able to contribute to the household financially. Furthermore, they will be able to advise and support their husband. Apart from that, they will be more likely to be practical, capable, thoughtful and caring. On this they will understand and teach others tradition, culture and customs. Everyone in a family is important and children are more likely to succeed if they have lots of positive role models from their mother. CDF is doing a very big thing to give girls another opportunity for being role models.