My name is Busara. I was born in 7th March 1994 as the daughter of Haji Mussa my father and Msimu Haji the name of my mother. I have neither brothers nor sisters, and I grew up in Jambiani, at the east coast of Zanzibar.

With the support of Child Development Fund (CDF) I am studying Diploma in General Agricultural Studies at Kizimbani Agricultural Training Institute. I am in the first semester, and I expect to finish my studies in 2016.

My favourite topics are Physiology plant, agricultural business and Crop Production. I am struggling to improve my knowledge in Anatomy Animal Health.

After successfully finishing my studies I want to work as a District livestock Officer or District Animal Doctor in public institutions such as District or Regional Level. I want to work in southern area. I hope my work will benefit farming community.

Apart from my profession, I have the following interests reading newspaper and watching Swahili movie. My role model is Riami Ally, an actor from Tanzania; moreover I like Nipashe Newspaper from Ippmedia. Riami Ally is serious when he is on acting and effectively plays his roles. On Ippmedia they always provide most update news.

Free comments:

There so many subjects in first year of our study and we use most of time in practical, since I am staying in the College Hostel I have good time to make revision.

I would like to have my advice to young girls from Tanzania to use most of their time in studying rather than doing other thing which completely waste their time. This is world of paper if you don't work hard on studying you will get nothing in your future.