My name is Fatma Nadhif Khamis. I was born in Jambiani Kibigija on 17/4/2004; I am 18 years old and the first born in my family. I live with my parents; my mother is Sharifa Faki Hamad along with my one young brother Kheir Mrisho Ali and one sister Haisam Abdalla. I was student of Jambiani for primary and for secondary education at the same school.

When I was in form 4 there was a tutoring programme from CDF which was led by my teachers and Ms. Sharifa who helped us female students and motivated us to study hard, as in these days’ female students especially in Jambiani are not studying hard and want to get married.

I passed my exams well and now I am a student at advanced level in Aboud Jumbe Mwinyi Secondary School located in Fuoni. My result of form four are as follows: Civics “C”, Geo “D”, Islamic “C”, Physical education “D”, Kiswahili “C”, English “D”, Chemistry “D”, Biology “D”, and my points: 25, division 3.

I want this help so much, and I am very thankful to CDF for it because since I am the first born my parents and siblings look up to me. I want to be a role model to my siblings and help my family because my parents are poor and my mother is a housewife who depends on my father for everything. With my education I will be able to help my family in the future. Thank you