My name is Lutfia Suleiman Haji. I was born on 5/10/2004 in Jambiani; but due to my studies now I live in Fuoni Mambo Sasa with my aunt. My mother’s name is Zuwena; she works in a hotel as house keeper. My father’s name is Suleiman; he is engaged in small activities. I have two sisters: Naiffat and Kauthar. They both live in Jambiani.

I started my studies in 2009 —2021 in A O-Level at Jambiani Secondary School. I joined the Tutoring Program when I was in Form 4, which helped and motivated me in my studies so that I finished with good results.

Now I am studying in Zanzibar Law Resource Center (ZLRC) and I want to become a lawyer to fulfill my dream. To reach this goal I need your help. I really need this support because we are all female in my family. So, we must do our best to be able to help ourselves in the future and not to depend on men for everything. I really want to be independent and to help my family and to defend those who need help from lawyers. Thank you so much for your support. I hope to repay it in the future in one way or another.