Mayasa Sinatama Makame

My name is Mayasa Sinatama Makame, my mother’s name is Naawia Haji Salmin. I was born on 03/03/2004. Both my parents are farmers.

I started my studies at Jambiani pre- and primary school from 2008 – 2016, and I completed my studies at Mikunguni secondary school at 2017 – 2020. In this year (2021), I want to take a pre-course in Computer-Technology at Karume Institution of Science and Technology College. After this course I intend to join a Computer Engineering Program for two years (end of 2021-2023) up to the level of a diploma-certificate. The aim of this course after finishing is to work as IT professional.

If I will get support from you, I hope that my dream will be true. Off course, this opportunity enables me to help my society effectively after finishing my studies.

Therefore, I am interested in reading books, listen the radio, to write short stories, and to use computer. Thanks go to Prof. Guenther Schmid with his family.

Also, my special thanks should be to Allah, my parents, and my teachers.