My name is Miza Mtumwa Makame. I was born on 14/8/2004 in Jambiani. My mother’s name is Shufaa Khalid Ayuba; she is a farmer. My father's name is Mtumwa Makame Hassan; he is a farmer, too. We are six children in the family, three girls and three boys. I was attending nursery at Kichanyuki, then primary and secondary school in Jambiani.

Currently, however, I am living at Mombasa to proceed with my advanced studies for which we must go to town until the final examinations in Form 5 and 6. I am staying at the school Mwanakwerekwe "C", and I have chosen the combination AKL, which means Arabic, Kiswahili, and English.

In town I am staying within the Jambiani Open Pass-programme (JOP) of Jambiani Secondary School together with many students who have no relatives in town because most of the people of my family are living in Jambiani.

Being at JOP we can focus on our studies but need additional support from outside. So, I need your help to proceed with my career because my parents do not have sufficient abilities to support me further. Thanks