My name is Mujibat Abdulmutiq Ayoub. I was born in Paje on 06-03-2005, but I live with my parents in Jambiani. My mother's name is Fatma Othman Muhammed. She is a house wife, and my father's name is Abdulmutiq Ayoub Haji and sadly he is already dead.

I am living in a family with seven children, five girls and two boys. I started my study in 2012 at Jambiani Primary School and finished form four at Jambiani Secondary School in 2021. I joined the tutoring programme which was established in that year, and which helped me a lot in my studies and motivated me to do more for my mother and family.

I successfully passed my final examination. Now I am studying at Mwanakwerekwe "C" High School in AKL combination which means Arabic, Kiswahili, and English. I am staying within the JOP (Jambiani Open Pass) programme at Kiembe Samaki, where many students from Jambiani are living with the support from teachers of Jambiani Secondary School and CDF. Although it is very hard to study at an advanced level, I will do my best. So, I need your support in order to proceed well with my studies and to help my mother and siblings. Thank you.