Mwajina Pandu Makame

My name is Mwajina Pandu Makame. I was born in 2006 at Zanzibar as a child of a peasant family living at Jambiani village. I am seventeen years old, and I live together with my mother; my father died in 2006. I went to Kikadini nursery and primary school, and studied then at Jambiani secondary school, which I left after passing Form 4 examination with division three.

CDF offered me the chance to continue with my studies for nursing and midwifery for the duration of three years. I dreamed for this course since a long time ago; it is the chance to me in helping my society for the important things like raising up children. I want be a professional nurse to help people in my community. I would love to study at Zanzibar University (ZU) and to be a mind ward with you. You will find a friendly, reliable, and hardworking student. Thank you.