My name is Mwaka Moh’d Mussa. My mother’s name is Salha Choum Hassan and my father’s name is Moh’d Mussa Haji. I have two brothers and two sisters

I live in Jambiani. I was born on 22/09/2004, studied at Jambiani Primary school from standard one up to standard six, and I completed Jambiani Secondary school in 2021 for form four. I was living with my parents but my mother got the disease for long time and then she died on 2015, and my father got the disease for long time and then died in 2019. Currently, I live with my aunt who is working in agriculture.

I first knew about CDF when I was in Form 4 at Jambiani Secondary School where they had a Tutoring programme for female students to motivate and help them do well in final exams and I am very grateful to them because I passed well in in my exams.

For now, I want to continue with studies in the course of pharmaceutical science at Zanzibar School of Health (ZSH) for three years but it’s very expensive and my aunt can’t afford to pay for my tuition fee; so I hope that CDF will be able to support me in my studies so that I can reach my goals and help my sibling as now we are orphans and they are very young. Thank you.