My full name is Sabiha Bandari Ame. I am a girl child born on 3th April 2002 in Jambiani Zanzibar. I am a daughter of Bandari, my father, and Salma my mother. I am so lucky that I am the last-born child in the family of six sisters and five brothers. Since my birth, I grew up in Jambiani, the village situated in Unguja East Coast of Zanzibar.

With the support of Child Development Fund (CDF), I have applied to study Journalism at Mwenge Community College (MCC). This college is famous and was founded at Amani area in Zanzibar Urban District. The modules I learn are two: The first semester was to begin since January 2020 until July and end up with terminal exam on August. Due to the Covid-19, the studies ought to start right on March and they still proceed now. The second semester begins on September until December when it completes.

The study of Journalism here is attributed with the following courses: Journalism and Society, Journalism and Practice, Development Studies, Mass Communication, Media History, Communication Skills, Current Affairs and News Analysis, Introduction of Computer, News Agencies and Ideology. The systems of module are divided in Assessment which carries 40 percent, and end of the semester exam carrying 60 percent. This trend is for each course. I am of hope that I will do better according to the present situation of studying now at the college. I really am competent.

After finishing the course, I want to either work as a radio announcer or correspondent. I wish to report for a media from my home place Jambiani. I wish all this, for the purpose of helping the community to be aware of what is happening for better development. At this level, I hope to achieve just a certificate, but if possible, I wish and am interested in increasing the level to Diploma and even to a Degree level.

Apart from my profession, I am interested in teaching the small children. My hobbies are reading story books, magazines newspapers and listening to the radio together with the watching TV programmes which are related to the education of the community. My special thanks should go to Allah, my parents and family, my sponsors Mr. Gunther Schmid and Miss Barbara, my former head teacher Yussuf Sabuor, my former English teacher Abdalla Mussa Haji and all Jambiani School teachers. They enabled me to access this sponsorship. Thanks a lot.