My name is Sharifa Kassid Ali. I was born in 1997 as the daughter of Nyimbo (like song), the name of my mother, and Kassid my father. I had one brother but unfortunately he passed away so now I don’t have any brother but three sisters, and I grew up in Jambiani at the East Coast of Zanzibar Island.

With the support of Child Development Fund (CDF) I would like to study Doctor of Medicine (MD) at the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA). I am just applying the scholarship.

After successfully finishing my studies I want to work as a doctor in any place in Zanzibar Island but my priority will be at the Jambiani Health Centre. I am very sorry with the situation at this place, as we don’t have any doctor whose family is from Jambiani. I hope my work will benefit my family as well as my community. Apart from this, my work will also benefit my nation at large.

In addition to my profession, I have the following interests: watching news and listening Radio, reading books and cooking. My role models are Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff and Hillary Clinton, because they are strong women who can make tough decisions in their country. From the bottom of my heart I like the strongest women, right now I feel really being a strong girl because I am the only girl who had a good level of education in my family. I am really proud and happy of that. It was very hard for me to be in the level I am, but for sure I fought hard and I will not stop to fight until my target is reached, the dream that I have. I know the mentioned women have done many things and they have come across many difficulties, but they did not give up for what they were looking for; that’s why they are on the position they are now. I will not let me disappointed, too, until I reach the goal.

I know studying DM is a very big issue which needs strength. However, I would like to promise you dear, if I will get this chance, I will not let you down. I will be the role model of all of your scholars. I always don’t want to lose the chance that someone gives to me. I have to respect and implement as he/she ordered me to do.

Apart from that I have my sister; she is totally blind and too fat. I am very sorry for her, and I know if I were a doctor I could help her lot. This is also a reason why I have decided to have this course to be able to help such people in my community. I don’t like to see people suffering in my community.