My name is Zaituni Moh’d Ali. I was born in 12/01/1996 as the daughter of Asha Juma Mfaume, the name of my mother, and my father’s name is Mohammed Ali Nyenza. I don’t have any sister but I have two brothers, and I grew up in the village of Jambiani at the east coast of Zanzibar. In Jambiani there are 14 sub-villages, and I come from the sub-village Mchangani in Kikadini Shehia. The village Jambiani is divided in two administration parts called Shehia; so there are Kikadini Shehia and Kibigija Shehia.

With the support of Child Development Fund (CDF) I would like to study Diploma in International Relation at the Institute of Public Administration (IPA). I am going to start the first semester in July 2014, and I expect to finish my studies in 2017.

After successfully finishing my studies I want to work as a Public Relation Officer in any Embassy in Tanzania or as Field Officer in the projects implemented by any international agency working here in Zanzibar especially SAVE CHILDREN or UNICEF or CARE International. I hope my work will benefit the rural community of Zanzibar, especially who are vulnerable and disadvantaged. Apart from this, I hope to I will also benefit my Nation at large.

Apart from my profession, I have the following interests: listening children radio programme every weekend, reading newspaper, watching TV and reading books. My role model is Celion Dione and Michael Jackson, because they act in a special mood, for example Michael Jackson who sings many songs for children, for example “We are the world.” CÚline Dion’s songs “Goodbye Mama” and “New Day has come” are very unique songs to me.

Free Comments:

Physical and verbal violence to children is a big issue in Zanzibar. Furthermore, students are often discriminated against in transport because they have to pay only half of the price. The conductors of buses or daladalas prefer adults who pay full price. So, we often come late or even not to the lessons in downtown. Education is one thing but this is not enough. The government has started to mitigate this situation. I hope that CDF in cooperation with ZAGO (Zanzibar Green Organisation) might also help to remove such bad habits.