1. For Kenya see Newsletter 17 and 18. Currently, we support three postsecondary scholars, each with 700 Euro: Jane Atieno Ogutu who studies sociology, anthropology and IT at Masemo-University; Doreen Kageni who intends to get a diploma in accounting at Embu-College („I will be the best accountant in Kenya“); and Fridah Muthethia, who wants to get a diploma in early childhood education at Chorogia College (Mutonga).

2. For Tanzania see Newsletters 17 and 18. Sharifa (see Profiles) got her Diploma in Environmental Medicine with distinction; furthermore, she again won a second price in an essay competition. Sabiha Bandari Ame (born 2002), from a family with six sisters and five brothers, got a scholarship to study journalism at Mwenge Community College (MCC) in Zanzibar.

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